Bazı lost fanları karakterlerin birbirileri ile olup bitenler hakkında konuşmamasından şikayetçi. Bir lost sever de bundan yola çıkarak hayali bir konuşma yazmış:), konuşma aşağıda, diğer yazılanlar sitede;Sayid: We have no idea what happened to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Michael and Hurley.
Locke: Hurley’s back and already filled us in.
Sayid: Oh, well, you know more than we do I guess. One more thing, I had a really bad plan to trap the Others and they ended up stealing the boat.
Hurley: Bummer dude.
Paolo: Should we send out another search party?
Sayid: Who the hell are you?
Paolo: I’m the lame-but-hot new guy who will probably be killed off before the season’s over and go back to a soap opera where I belong.
Claire: Aaron’s crying. I better feed him.
Charlie: I better help Claire.
Jin: 나의 바지안에고물.
Sun: Yes, what my husband said.
Desmond: I see dead people.